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“Candidates like to be asked!”


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Interview series with candidate experience pioneer Gerry Crispin (part 2 – current status of the candidate experience)

After we started last week our video interview series with the co-organizer of the theme day “candidate experience” at the HRM Expo Zukunft Personal, Wolfgang Brickwedde (ICR), interviewing Gerry Crispin on the past of candidate experience, we now bring the discussion back to the present. The term candidate experience is becoming much more popular these days, people are more aware of it. By providing data, candidate experience pioneer Gerry Crispin, wants to prevent it from becoming a cliché. “Whenever I see someone using those terms, talking about the five things that are most important in candidate experience, I am compelled to send them data”, says Gerry Crispin. For he is convinced only science-based data allows us to see what can be supported and what yet has to be determined as actually being connected to treating candidates well. This data is been delivered by the candidate experience awards, who have been able to collect more than 120.000 voices of the candidates in this year’s program in the US alone.

At the moment Crispin sees a lot of potential in his further research. “For example there is a theory about perceived fairness that is highly connected to how a candidate will rate you”, he reports. Perceived fairness relates to the strong wish of candidates to be able to provide all of the info related to the job that they think is needed in order to be competitive. Current ATS (application tracking systems) often hinder candidates to do so.>/p>

Also the implementation of candidate experience could be improved, because by now only a few companies can be seen as best-practice-examples: “A company like ‘Capitol One’ for example is doing one of the best jobs in terms of holding their recruiters accountable for the treatment of candidates and measuring that in a broad way.” After every single closed job the company inquires their applicants. The response rate of 80% proves them right: Candidates like to be asked!

The video interview with Gerry Crispin about the future will follow shortly on this blog.

Meet Gerry Crispin in person in Cologne at the HRM Expo! 16 September 2015, 9:30 am, Forum 7 – Halle 3.1

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GerryCrispin

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  1. Let’s see if I have this right: during the wesnoring recessions of 89-91 and 2002, HR and corporations erected Virtual Firewalls to isolate candidates from “one-to-one” contact with anyone inside the corporations. Vendor Management and the absurd 45-minute-to-apply ATS Systems are good examples of this. So now corporations are adding yet another layer this one called Social Recruiting to enable “one-to-one” contact? I’m waiting for the next act: Social Recruiting Security & Risk Aversion; which will focus on engaging candidates while protecting the recruiter. Which will be followed by yet another layer to overcome the new barrier. Soon, Recruiters will be in the center of a labyrinth so elaborate that applying for a job will be a 100-step process taking over a year

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