Interview series with candidate experience pioneer Gerry Crispin (part 3 – future of the candidate experience)



This week our little journey through time, talking about the past and present of candidate experience, ends with future prospects on the topic. In the final interview Wolfgang Brickwedde (ICR), co-organizer of the theme day “candidate experience” at the HRM Expo | Zukunft Personal, is asking Gerry Crispin, one of the “founding fathers” of Candidate Experience Awards (CEA) whether candidates can expect a land of milk and honey due to professional candidate experience.

HR practitioner, blogger, author and general networker Gerry Crispin is convinced there will be no paradise for candidates. “This is one of those things where the future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed and only a small number of companies are so focused on the candidate experience that it is an integrated part of their recruiting process”, Crispin explains. Those organisations should gain acknowledgement for their effort by sharing their stories. The main challenge is to get more companies to start thinking about the benefits of improving their recruitment process and to find a way that will work for them.

Instead of promising the moon, recruiters could start with small steps to improve the candidate experience. One of them is letting people know how long the whole process will take, when a decision might be made and stick to this schedule. Information, efficiency and transparency about the application enable the candidates to make better decisions. “If we focus not on making them happy but making them more knowledgeable then we are focusing on the right step”, says Crispin.

Concerning the various touchpoints recruiters and candidates have during the application Gerry Crispin has 3 tips to improve the candidate experience:

1.    The last question of an application should be: “What didn`t we ask you?” So the candidates feel like they could share everything that makes them competitive for the job.
2.    The recruiters should analyse or work with someone who analyses the touchpoints to see what they can contribute and how they are accountable for the experience candidates have.
3.    Finding different ways to listen to the audience. What do the very best candidates need so they will want to come and work for your company?



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Meet Gerry Crispin in person in Cologne at the HRM Expo! 16 September 2015, 9:30 am, Forum 7 – Halle 3.1

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