With a population of over14 million, the economic hotspot Istanbul is a perfect exibition location. Photo: pixabay.com.

With a population of over14 million, the economic hotspot Istanbul is the perfect exibition location. Photo: pixabay.com.

The new exhibition Personal Turkey to be launched on 13 and 14 April 2016 in the WOW Hotels and Convention Center is the first of its kind in Istanbul to focus on the tasks and challenges of the Turkish HR industry. What many people over here do not know is that despite the high level of youth unemployment, there has also been a skills shortage in various sectors of Turkish industry for quite some years now. The background to this is as simple as it is obvious. The Turkish economy has been registering dynamic growth since 2003 and the supplier industry has experienced a particularly strong upward trend. To meet international standards and cover current developments in their working area, many Turkish firms have been desperately looking for staff with the right industry knowledge.

“Qualified personnel is becoming increasingly important for the Turkish economy,” says Ferhat Avsar, Project Manager of Personal Turkey, underlining the requirements. Although Turkey has enormous potential because of its young population, many well qualified staff – including highly qualified women – are being enticed away by foreign companies.

The IT sector in particular needs reinforcements

The situation is particularly critical in the IT sector. Turkey currently needs about 70,000 qualified IT experts urgently. There is even talk of a shortage of around 300,000 IT specialists for the coming ten years. To meet these needs, the Turkish government aims to make investments in the further education of university leavers in particular. This insight is not surprising as the Turkish Internet sector in particular has made enormous advances over the last few years and become an important part of the economy.

The steep growth rates, the great need for skilled staff and the high turnover rate raise the question as to how human resource professionals can keep and motivate qualified staff. “Recruiting on all channels is what is needed,” says Avsar. Specific solutions for this key topic and for many other current challenges in the human resource area will be presented at the new exhibition. The new HR platform is based on the internationally tried and tested exhibition concept of Zukunft Personal event organiser spring Messe Management, whose hallmark is the dovetailing of exhibitions with a high-calibre event programme.

New CHM law puts Turkish companies on the spot

There is another topic featured at the exhibition which is a first for Turkey and that is Corporate Health Management. “Corporate health management has become a topic of major interest here since 2010. There is no other event that covers this topic anywhere in Turkey,” explains Avsar. Corporate Health Management has been a feature of European exhibitions for a long time and is an important part of human resource work in companies. Both the law on Corporate Health Management passed in 2010 and work safety have now put Turkish companies on the spot. Since then, this issue has developed at an explosive rate and more and more employers are wondering how they can create the right conditions to give their employers a healthy, long and productive working life.

“We are very much looking forward to the first Personal Turkey exhibition which will close a market gap in the Turkish exhibition sector,” says Project Manager Avsar. Istanbul as the vibrant metropolis at the intersection between two continents is virtually predestined for this project. Recently, the city has made a name for itself as a location for exhibitions and congresses; it also has some prestigious universities that enjoy a very good reputation amongst foreign students too. “Internationalisation is not just a catchword here, it is common practice.” However, the exhibition will not just cover international topics, it will also be specifically addressing the country’s economic conditions and the special features of Turkish company cultures.

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